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Dream Interpretations

You Are the Architect of Your Future!

  • 45 minutes
  • Donation Based
  • In-Person Session & Zoom also available

Service Description

After your session, you will realize that your dream is constructed by you fragment by fragment. Although, some dreams are premonitions of future events to come, which will be discussed in your session. Methods: Contextualize, Synthesize, Analyze, Evaluation. Spiritual Cords, Hieroglyphics, Whiteboard Algorithms. Service: This particular session can run over its allotted time. Dream Requirements: 1. A dream/s that occurred in the past 3 weeks. 2. Re-occurring Dream that was dreamt multiple times this year or last year. 3. Re-occurring Dreams over the years that continue to develop into something more. 1. What recurring symbols or themes do you notice in your dreams? 2. How do you feel during your dreams? 3. Have you ever had a dream that you feel has a deeper meaning or message for you? 4. How do your dreams relate to events or emotions in your waking life? 5. Do you believe that dreams have a purpose or hold significance in our lives?

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